Like many homeowners up and down the UK, the constant battle to remove weeds from block paving is a continual source of aggravation.

Moss, algae and a plethora of weeds set up camp in-between the brickwork and on the surface, leaving you with an unattractive patio or driveway. Without a proper care and maintenance routine to remove weeds from block paving, you’ll find that the situation soon gets out of control.

Many people can be tempted to use bleach or domestic weed killer solutions to try and control outbreaks of weeds in their block paving, however over time this can lead to discolouration of the brickwork and give the block paving a washed out, faded appearance that spoils the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Furthermore, the range of weed killers on offer at our local DIY stores often only target certain varieties of weed and therefore have no or little effect on the species invading your block paving.

Others opt for a wire block paving brush approach to ‘scrub out’ the offending weeds. Not only is this incredibly time consuming, but it’s also back breaking, labour intensive work. The main issue with using a wire brush to remove weeds from block paving is that you’re often failing to remove the whole root of the weed and in the process dislodging the sand from the gaps at the same time.

A few weeks later, you’ll notice that the weeds begin to reappear just as before and leave you wondering why you spent all that time and effort trying to remove them in the first place.

The best way to remove weeds from block paving (and to save yourself precious time and the prospect of back pain) is to leave it to the experts.

Using industrial equipment such as high-pressure jet water cleaners that operate at far higher pressures than domestic cleaners and environmentally friendly, pet safe chemicals, our skilled and experienced team of technicians get to work removing debris, stubborn stains and weeds from your block paving.

After meticulously cleaning the gaps and surface area of your block paving, re-sanding the area inhibits the growth of new weeds and leaves you with an outdoor space that boasts real curb appeal.

For more information and options on how to remove weeds from block paving, or for a free, no obligation quotation, contact the team at Staffordshire Drive Cleaning today on 01543 622 585 or 07432 258 669