Many off the shelf chemicals available for domestic use can be potentially harmful to pets. Every year, hundreds of pets become ill as their owners have failed to ensure that pet safe patio cleaning chemicals have been used as they are unaware of just how toxic everyday weed removal products can be to their four-legged companions.

Here’s our guide on the risks associated with a DIY approach to ridding your patio of area of weeds and unattractive stains.

Absorbing or ingesting toxic chemicals

Dogs and cats can absorb chemicals through the pads on their paws, so what might seem like a small pool of glyphosate or 2,4-D on your patio can be potentially deadly to your pet.

You many not notice any signs of chemical poisoning straight away, but ingestion of weed killers that contain glyphosate concentrates can result in drooling, vomiting, diarrhoea, anorexia and lethargy within a short space of time. With ingestion of concentrated 2,4-D, clinical signs include vomiting and weakness.

Chemical burns

Many chemical solutions designed to rid your patio of unsightly weeds can also cause painful burns to areas that they come into contact with, so it’s essential that you consider pet safe patio cleaning options.

Chemical burns are most frequently seen on paw pads and around the mouth and throat area so it pays to consider pet safe patio cleaning – especially if you have a dog that enjoys eating grass or an inquisitive cat that’s into everything.

Safeguarding the treated area

Keeping your pets off treated surfaces can also present a challenge, especially if this is normally the space they use for exercise or as their toileting area.

Whilst keeping dogs out of the garden and away from the patio area may not pose a significant problem, cats who love to roam are most at risk from the threat of chemical burns or ingesting toxic chemicals.

With professional pet safe patio cleaning from Staffordshire Drive Cleaning, there’s absolutely no reason that you should have to choose between a gleaming patio and the health of your pets.

Staffordshire Drive Cleaning use a range of pet safe and environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning processes to ensure that your outdoor space sparkles whilst your beloved furry family members remain safe and healthy.

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