A car park is often the first and last place your clients, staff and visitors will see when they arrive or leave. It is important that you create the greatest first impression on your business as possible whilst also ensuring it is a safe place to walk on, whether its be in or outdoors.

Grease and oil spots are incredibly common stains to obtain in parking areas but are also the most unappealing. Our state of the art rotary cleaner can eliminate any of the stains your parking areas have gained.

If you’re the owner of a car park of any kind, it is your responsibility to make sure your customers, guests and employees are safe! Any injury they acquire because of a badly maintained area can result in unwanted, expensive legal actions for your organisation.

You can also extend the life of your surfaces with regular seasonal professional cleaning. Whether your surface is concrete, slabs, tarmac or block paving, Industrial Drive Cleaning will remove any stains from them!

Regular cleaning from us will:

  • Remove and keep dirt and debris away
  • Reveal necessary repairs, like growing cracks or potholes so you can repair them before the damage is too much that you must replace.
  • Ensure that your asphalt does not get stained or damaged over time.
  • Eliminate harmful vehicle fluids that can deteriorate your asphalt prematurely.
  • Save you money over time and keep your car park looking like new.


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100% Guaranteed Satisfaction Drive Cleaning


Our cleaning and restoration work carries a 100% risk free guarantee and you do not pay a penny unless you are totally satisfied with our work. At the point of survey our team will point out what can be achieved and highlight any particular areas of concern beforehand.